Penamas (ISSN : 0215 - 7829 e-ISSN : 2502 - 7891) is a peer-reviewed journal published by Centre of Religious Research and Development, Jakarta, Agency of Religious Research and Development, Education and Training, The Ministry of Religious Affairs, The Republic of Indonesia (Balai Litbang Agama Jakarta, Badan Litbang dan Diklat Kementerian Agama RI).

Penamas is the acronym of Penelitian Agama dan Masyarakat translated in English as Research on Religion and Society. The journal publishes research articles focussing on religious and social issues (isu-isu keagamaan dan sosial kemasyarakatan). From 2018 onward, the journal publishes twice a year. 
Penamas has been accredited by Indonesian Institute of Sciences as an academic journal (Akreditasi LIPI Nomor: 781/AU1/P2MI-LIPI/08/2017).

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