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This section is intended to encourage modular theme development and to share custom code with a view of building a Drupal Theme Designer Knowledge base.

The snippets you will find in this section, are for use with PHPTemplate based themes (the default theme engine since Drupal 4.7), with the exception of the snippets in the subsection Engine Independent Snippets. Most of these snippets were written for Drupal 5 and earlier. The code may need some modification before they can be used in Drupal 6 and later.

For an introduction to snippets, see A Beginner's Guide to Using Snippets.


  • PLEASE NOTE! Snippets are user submitted. It's impossible to test them all so it is up to the user to test them before using! Don't just copy and paste them without checking first on a test site.
  • Please note that the snippets may contain some database queries specific to MySQL.
  • Before submitting your own snippets, please read the guide to adding your own snippets so we can maintain consistency to this section of the handbook. Try to keep the pages instructional (simple steps 1, 2, 3, etc.) rather than explanatory.
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